"the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point" - Malcom Gladwell

December 2022

Rather than focusing on what I’m going to do “differently” in the New Year, here are 12 things I want to keep doing in 2023 (based on what I learned…
Do you consume more than you create?

November 2022

As we approach the holiday season, here are a few reminders when it comes to setting (and maintaining) boundaries.
... and what's the difference?
Stay tuned for upcoming articles detailing what happens when you lose power in the middle of a snowstorm, in -10º weather, on top of a mountain with a…

October 2022

You deserve to be free; of trauma, of expectations, of whatever it is that prevents your soul from setting ablaze and lighting your way.
As we hurt, we heal. As we heal, we grow.
A look into the past that informed my future.
I feel as though I’ve been without words lately. Not without inspiration but without words. Over the last few years I’ve experienced what can only be…

August 2022

To explode is to transform; to increase suddenly, to take up space. It's the result of internal pressure -- of energy that has been building. An…

November 2021

When we let go, we are not becoming lost or out of control. No. To let go is to expand, take up space, and create freedom. For when we let go, we lean…